_MG_64151.  Previous achievements and network

Since TSA’s foundation in 2002, more than 4,000 alumni found a new career in over 50 countries. You can meet chefs coming from all over the world in pursuit of the same goal and heighten your intellectual motivation or find new business partners.

IMG_12802.  The only school that teaches authentic Japanese cuisine in English

TSA (Tokyo Sushi Academy) is the only school where you can learn authentic Japanese cuisine in English. There are other schools for Japanese cuisine, but they teach in Japanese and require language proficiency of the JLPT N-2 level (business-level).

teacher 3.  Instructors

Outstanding soccer players do not always make outstanding coaches. Similarly, cooking instructors need experience and sense. In the field of sushi and Japanese cuisine, which requires chefs to “watch and learn,” our passionate instructors will take advantage of their experience in teaching foreigners and answer each of your questions.

student002 4.  Practical lessons + resources

TSA features not only practical lessons using various fish and ingredients but also wide-ranged English resources about sushi and Japanese cuisine. These resources will allow you to learn diversely, ranging from the history of sushi and Japanese cuisine to their latest trend.

 5.  Activities

We also offer activities outside the classroom, including field trips to Tsukiji and Kappabashi, so that you can learn Japanese cuisine from different perspectives.


6.  Support for life in Japan

TSA will support you to the best of our ability before and after you arrive in Japan so that you can enjoy your stay in Tokyo; we will help you with search for housing and preparation for life in Japan by providing an orientation and safety protocol in the event of earthquakes.

写真4 (1) 7.  Career support

After you graduate TSA, we will assist you in changing jobs or opening a business.

Why it is important to learn at Tsukiji,Tokyo

 Why it is important to learn Sushi and Japanese Cuisine