Why people choose to learn at Tokyo Sushi Academy?

Part 2

The attractive points of learning Sushi were introduced in the last blog.

In this blog, let’s see the reason why people choose Tokyo Sushi Academy as their Sushi learning School.

Well-skilled teachers and school’s reliable long history

The Fine-grained guidance is one of the TSA’s features that we are actually very proud of.

Our teachers are all well-skilled teachers and some of them even used to work or run

a real Sushi restaurant in Japan or other countries.

In addition, the class is offered by some teachers who can speak fluent  english.

Actually, this teaching method and our teachers have been

praised very high from our graduates.

We believe, this is because we’ve have been stimulating our teaching skill since 2002,

when our school was established.

Actually, our School is the oldest and the probably

the most vintage sushi school in Japan.

The unique and practical curriculum

In the AUTHENTIC SUSHI AND JAPANESE CUISINE COURSE, we don’t just teach how to make Sushi. We teach everything that you need to know before you open a Sushi restaurant.

We teach varieble things, such  as the way to sharpen knife, clearning the kitchen and sushi bar.

Also, we sometimes offer a course to taste Sake or Wine so that students can gain the knowledge of the best matching drinks with each meal.

This knowledge will be very helpful when you open a restaurant and serve to the customers.

In addition, you can also learn Japanese cuisine in the AUTHENTIC SUSHI AND JAPANESE CUISINE COURSE.

The Japanese cuisine we teach in our school is very professional and very practical.

Students from all over the world aiming the same Goal

There is additional wonderful thing you can get from this course.

That is friends with the same will.

We accept students from all over the world, and all of them have a same goal,

getting a diploma as a Sushi and Japanese cuisine chef.

Our school is the oldest Sushi teaching school in Japan.

Also, probably we are the only one school  teaching to foreign students 

who want to learn professional Sushi making and Japanese cuisine cooking skill

in this long term in english.

Hence, the students can keep in touch with each other even after graduation

and this is a very helpful thing to get the recent Sushi situation from other countries.

If you are interested in learning Sushi or Japanese cuisine, don’t hesitate to take a first step.

The wonderful experience in Tokyo Sushi Academy could change your whole life.