Why people choose to learn at Tokyo Sushi Academy?

Part 1

From the last year’s open of Tsukiji Brunch, more than 3500 people have been graduated

from Tokyo Sushi Academy.

Some of them opened own Sushi restaurant at their hometown and

some of them get a successful position after they go back to their restaurants.

But why do people living in various countries come all the way to Tokyo , just to learn Sushi?

And why do they choose Tokyo Sushi Academy even thought there are some other Sushi schools in Japan?

There must be some specialities that only Tokyo Sushi Academy can give you in the Authentic Sushi course.

In this and following blog, let me introduce the benefit to learn sushi and

the reason why foreign people choose Tokyo sushi academy.

The grobal needs of sushi Chefs

The number of Sushi restaurants and Sushi bars has been increasing in global.

However, the number of Sushi Chefs are not catching up to the needs.

Therefore, if you can acquire  a Sushi making skill, you will be in a great demand in Sushi or Washoku industry.

Also, if you want to work in global, learning sushi could be a means to make the dream come true because the needs are in all over the world.

The Average salary of Sushi chef is getting higher

The salary of Sushi chef is getting quite high in global level

because of Sushi’s  popularity.

Of course, it depends on the restaurant, country, your skill level, and experience,

but still, the fact that you learn sushi in Tokyo Japan will

give you a  high value to yourself in Sushi industry.

Also, the skills you can learn from our school is very high and practical.

Hence, you might be able to get a higher position in the Sushi restaurant.

In addition, if you are woking for a high class Yacht as a chef,

acquiring Sushi making skill will be a great benefit for yourself

when you consider the raise of salary or your career up.

Washoku is now UNESCO’s Intangible cultural heritage

Traditional Japanese cuisine, Washoku was added to the intangible heritage list, December 4 2015.

Intangible cultural heritage is one of the heritage of UNESCO just like

World Heritage and Storage Heritage.

Mediterranean, Gastronomy Art of France Traditional dishes of Mexico,” Tradition Keshikeki of Turkey have already been added to UNESCO.

So Wasyoku is now obviously getting the attention from all over the world.

Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese, notably for the celebration of New Year

Let me introduce our school’s features in the next blog.