About School

Q. What’s Tokyo Sushi Academy?
A. Tokyo Sushi Academy(TSA) is Japan’s premier sushi school. It was also the first school opened with the sole purpose of teaching the art of sushi making in Japanese & English. Since TSA was established in 2002, TSA turned out more than 4,000 graduates from all over the world.

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Q. Where is school?
A. Tokyo Sushi Academy has two branches in Tokyo, (Shinjuku and Tsukiji) and we also have a school in Singapore.

Tsukiji/Tokyo Branch
Tsukiji KY Bldg 2F 4-7-5 Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access Map

Shinjuku/Tokyo Head Quater
8-2-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023, Japan
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Singapore Branch
133 New Bridge Road B2-17 Chinatown point, Singapore 059413
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Q. Why Do I better to choose TSA?
A. Please refer following information which helps you to understand more about our school and we recommend you to choose us.

Why Sushi/Japanese Cuisine?

Why Tokyo/Tsukiji?

Why TSA?

About Courses

Q. What Kind of courses offered?
A. We offer these courses as below.

4weeks Sushi Course

5days Sashimi Course

5days Japanese Cuisine Course (Grill & Fry)


6weeks Total Course

Q. Are the classes in English? Do I have to know Japanese?
A. We provide the lesson in English. Some lectures are instructed by Japanese and translated by interpreter in English. Japanese language skill is not required for our courses.
Q. I have no cooking experience. Can I still take this course?
A. Yes, this course is designed for both professionals and beginners who have no cooking experience.

*Only for those who enroll for 5days Sashimi Course must have one year or more experience as a professional chef.

Q. How many people are there in each class?
A. The maximum class size is 20.
Q. May I receive the certificate?
A. You will be receiving the certificate upon successfully completing the course with passing the exams.

*Certificate will be given to those who complete course of 5days, 4weeks and 6weeks.

Q. What is enrollment process?
A. Here is process for enrollment.

1) Please click apply button and submit information.
2) We will review your application and contact you to arrange skype/phone interview in 3 business days.
3) After your application is accepted, we send you an invoice
4) Payment is completed
5) You will be all set

*For those who are required to obtain visa to enter Japan, we assist them visa support after we confirm full payment.

Q. Do I need to prepare Japanese kitchen knife?
If you enroll in 4weeks Sushi Course, 5days Sashimi Course or 6weeks total course, you are required to prepare Japanese kitchen knife. If you do not have your own knife, we recommend that you buy our Japanese kitchen knife.

About TSA Japanese knife set
Click here to know more about Japanese knifes

*If you applied for 5days Japanese Cuisine Course (Grilled & Fry) only, Japanese kitchen knife is not necessary.

Why do I need a Japanese kitchen knife?
A Japanese kitchen knife is modeled after Katana (Japanese sword) and its sharpness fascinates chefs all over the world. The big difference between a Japanese and Western kitchen knife is that the former is single-bevel, while the latter is double-bevel. A single-bevel knife cuts into slightly to left and separates parts of ingredients more easily, so it makes your chopping faster. It also provides a clean cut surface without damaging the ingredient’s tissue. It is staple to use a Japanese kitchen knife in order to learn techniques for Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

Before entering Japan

Q. What kind of visa support TSA offers?
For those who are required to apply for short stay visa to enter Japan, We support them to apply for.
Please refer to the following information.

■Visa Support
Once we verify all your payment by our bank, we start to support your visa if you need.
Most of our students who need to have proper visa to stay in Japan, they apply for short stay visa (Tourist visa for 30days/60days/90days) in Japan.

■Visa Assistance Fee
We charge 10,000JPY for those who require visa assistance from our school

■What documents we prepare for you
We prepare these documents and send it to you.

– Covering letter stating the purpose of visit
– Certificate of School Enrollment
– Day to day schedule
– Proof of our company(school) registration

Besides these four documents above, you are required to prepare other documents from your side. Please kindly contact to Japan Embassy in your country and ask all required documents

Q. Is accommodation available?
We support students to find accommodation good access to our school in Tsukiji.

Please refer our gallery page for accommodation lists
Accommodation Lists