The interesting facts of Sho-chu

Do you know Sho-chu?

Probably, Sake is the most famous Japanese alcohol in the world.

But have you ever heard another Japanese famous alcohol, called “Sho-chu”?

Sho-chu is alcohol which is loved by Japanese people , just like Sake.

Sho-chu is Japanese spirits made from sweet potato, wheat or rice.

The alcohol percentage is about 15-35%.

Currently, the new facts of Sho-chu have been found and it has been catching a great deal of attention.

Let me introduce the benefit of Sho-chu by different ways, Drinking, Smelling and more.

Drink Sho-chu

Sho-chu’s power of  dissolving blood clot has been revealed recently.

The best way to get this effect is  just drink Sho-chu.

The most effective amount is 85ml if the Alcohol degree is 35%.

Smell Sho-chu

Smelling Sho-chu is also good to dissolve the blood clot.

It is said that if you smell Sho-chu about 5 minutes, it starts helping to dissolve your blood clot.

All you have to do is warm up the Sho-cyu about 5 minutes by gas stove and just smell it just like aromatherapy.

Sho-chu for your skin

Actually, Sho-chu could be used even as a skin lotion.

Of course, you need to do a Patch test before you start using, but some people are actually using Sho-chu for their daily skin lotion.

However, using the concentrated original Sho-chu could damage your skin.

The best way is mixing with some other ingredients, such as vitamin, citrus fruits, kelp and more.

Sho-chu helps to moisturize certain types of skin.

Does Sho-chu go well with Sushi?

Most of the Sho-chu matches with  Sushi but  there are some flvars that  actually kills the taste of Sushi.

For example, because of its strong smell, some of the Imo(Potato)Sho-chu dose not match well with Sushi.

On the other hand most of the Kome(Rice) Sho-Chu goes well with Sushi, so if you are not an expert of Sho-Chu,

I recommend you to choose Kome Sho-chu when you eat Sushi.

Sho-Chu is a drink you can enjoy in various ways.

The recommended way to drink Sho-Chu is mixing with Japanese tea or fresh fruits, such as grapefruit.

It is said that Sho-chu is healthier than Sake, but still the alcohol percentage is quite high.

So be careful to drink too much of Sho-chu.