What can you learn from Tokyo Sushi Academy?
It is more than How to make Sushi !

The courses provided by Tokyo Sushi Academy are very various and of course the students too.

Some students  are retired from their job and trying to enjoy their second life as Sushi master.

Some  students even come from halfway around the world to learn real Sushi making here in Japan.

As the first Sushi school in Japan, we are interested in providing opportunities for students

not only learning sushi but also learning different cultures and thoughts through interacting

with other students even outside of the school.

The other day, we planed a casual drinking party at Okinawa cuisine Izakaya restaurant in Tsukiji.

Students were invited from two courses. One is for Japanese native speakers and the other is for

English spkeakers. The students who had totally different backgrounds were talked about

what they’ve been doing, why they wanted to learn how to make Sushi and what they wanted

to do in the future with the Sushi making skill. And of course, they enjoyed eating

Okinawan unique dishes and drinking Sake .

Drinking night at Tsukiji with Students

Tokyo Sushi Academy has more than15 years of history and some of the graduates

are still keeping in touch with each other and having friends who made Sushi together in all

over the world.

Don’t you think this is amazing!?

Also, those interractive events with students are very wonderful opportunity for us, school staffs.

We can hear the direct feedback about the curses from the students who are learning in the classes right now.

Hearing  those feedbacks are actually helping us to  make our school better.

We belive, even those  small things lead the real Japanese food culture spread to all around the world.

Well, so if you have any interest in learning Sushi and having a wonderful time with us, don’t hesitate and  feel free to contact us!