Student interview~TSA is the best place to learn!~

To improve my skill

My name is Christopher Restrepo, from London. I came to here to learn more about Sushi.

My mother opened her own restaurant when I was seven years old. I kept on helping as hoping I could little things all around, then I started kind of going in a kitchen when I was fifteen years old.

I took Sushi seriously when I was seventeen or eighteen. So I have worked there from the beginning of my career,and about a year and a half ago I left there to work in a different restaurant.

I wanted more up-skill places to learn a bit more techniques,and kind of input my knowledge, and try to take it to put my career a bit up-level.

That is the reason why I came to here and took Authentic Sushi and Washoku Course.

Sushi is popular in my counrty

In London, to be fare, Japanese restaurants are quite populae and it has been growing a lot, since I would say about in late 1990s. There were not so much around then, but as it is now, it has been growing so much. Every area has at least two or three in it. I my area alone I think it’s six now. It’s a great popular cuisine at the moment there.

I guess everyone likes Sushi. Sushi is very popular all over the world to be honest. And then I think a different variaety of food are available, and I guess to a way Tokyo has been seen as the place you have to go to, and you can get briefly a bit closer to it especially with food people can take it very well.

Of course healthy food is very popular in general at the moment. We do love Sushi because t is considered to be healthy. And in Japan we have a lot of salad and noodles and dishes as such, and we take it as a kind of very fresh vegetable, noodles or rice, a very kind of super-minimalistic, but very tasty as well. So that is a bit actual trend at the moment I think.

Discoveries during 2 month

There was interesting point for me that the respect for Sushi.It is actually how the teachers, sensei view it. And how every single little component varies the much of the taste of the fish. Finding where did they come from, how the different size of the fish, they dictate the Sushi it is. It kind of made me appreciate Sushi and love it a lot more than before.

I think the main point really different from overseas is the variety of fish available here. Like the fish we used yesterday, I don’t remember the Japanese name for it unfortunately, but we do not have that in the west. It’s a significant reason why we do here, and what we are not able to do back home. Even down to Unagi preparations. In the UK unless you work in certain restaurant on high places, you won’t do that by yourself. You order Unagi-Kabayaki already cooked, already prepared. Whereas doing here there is few acquired to make a fresh fish to a fillet, or preparations to make Sushi, that is a very interesting process I really wanted to know. So that was great.

Lot of things to take back to my country

I think I can make use of what I learned here in my country and my mother’s restaurant.

So with my mother’s restaurant, I did a few now but I got a lot of ideas, and I’ve been working on a few things and get feedbacks from the teachers, in terms of some sources I acquired and I’ve worked with and everything. It’s been very helpful. So there are a lot of things I would like to  take back to London, and it’ll be great. Right now too in London we have some Japanese chefs coming to London as well, and there are always new things to see and learn, so it was very helpful to come here for me and to kind of know what techniques come from where, what region and why it did.

I think I can make use of what I learned here in my country and my mother’s restaurant.

Perfect place to come!

Definitely come down to the school, because it is a great experience not only that in this location if you walk across the street you have the most famous fish market in the world, you will see so much and learn so much.

And be prepared, because it is intense, but you will leave here with sense of satisfaction of that you have achieved a lot, learned a lot.

TSA would be a good place to come to get more knowledge, to get more cultural understandings, and stabilize myself.  So this was the perfect place to be!