Student interview : Mr. Viet Anh Tran


Mr. Viet Anh Tran

Student of Authentic Sushi Course

He owns  Vietnamese noodle Restaurants in  Los Ángeles.

His restaurant, Viet Noodle Bar has been introduced in Japanese Magazine.

Learning at a birth place of Japanese cuisine

Actually, there are several similar Sushi learning Schools in Los Angels.

But I wanted to learn real Japanese cuisine technique in its birth place, Japan.

And I didn’t want to learn from a cooking school for tourists.

I wanted to learn at a serious school because I wanted to learn real basic skill of authentic Japanese cuisine.

Now, since I am in Japan, I can even learn from outside, such as restaurants I go on weekends or after class.

I’ve been to Japan many times since about 15 years ago because I have to stop by at Tokyo on the way to Hanoi.

At first,  I was not interested in Japan and Japanese Cuisine that much.

But probably this 5 years, the number of Japanese restaurants have been increasing in Los Angels,

and getting very popular in the area.

That’s how I’ve started having strong interest in Japanese Cuisine.

That made me want to learn the basic of Japanese Cuisine.

The best curriculum and the best teachers

I love this course.

I think 2 month is a good length to learn the basic skill of Japanese cuisine.

It is not too short to learn the basic skill and not too long for staying in Japan.

Also, I love the teachers.

There are different teachers and all of them have their own different styles.

Actually, that is one of my favorite points of this school.

You can see many different cooking styles even for a same kind of Sushi.

And you can pick the best matching style from their ways.

For me,  I am left handed, so most of the time it is easier to learn from a left-handed teacher.

Take your opportunity!

I might open a Japanese restaurant in the future, but not sure yet.

But anyway, I’ve been learning  at TSA,

so I have enough confidence to provide  a good Japanese food after I go back to my town.

Anyone can take this opportunity.

Learning Sushi and Japanese cuisine will enlarge your career pass.

This school give you good basic skill of Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

Learning from real Japanese chefs and  seeing Japanese culture will be your wonderful experience.