Student interview : Mr. Anthony Zeidan


Mr. Anthony Zeidan

 He owns his restaurant in Lebanon.

Starting from a completely different field

I was born in Canada but  I am Lebanese.

I studied engineering in Boston and my career started as an engineer.

So I used to be in a completely different field.

Now, I own my restaurant in Lebanon.

I love TSA’s curriculum

When I checked about ASC course, I liked the curriculum.

In the curriculum, we can learn not only the way to make sushi 

but also the way to sharpen nife, how to cut all the different kinds of fishes,

how to make Japanese cuisine and more.

The wide variety curriculum seemed very interesting to me.

Now, I have confidence

At first, I couldn’t do anything good.

I didn’t know how to sharpen knife, how to cut fish and of course how to make Sushi at all.

But now we are done the 80% of the course and I really have a confidence to make Sushi and Japanese Cuisine.

I feel comfortable when I make Japanese dishes.

I want to see Japan as much as I can

I am enjoying my stay in Japan.

I really wanna see Japan as much as I can.

So actually, I change my staying place in every two weeks.

I find my living place from air B and B.

So far, I’ve been stayed in Kichijyoji, Nakano, Setagaya, and many different places.

I think, Kichijyoji is like Boston, Nishihinnjyuku is like New York, nakano is more like Brooklyn.

The cities in Tokyo is so different and very interesting.

Experience, you can do only in Japan

I go out to eat in Japanese restaurants in lunch break or weekends.

On the other day, I went an expensive Sushi bar in Ginza with a classmate.

The cost was 20,000yen for per person.

But I didn’t think it was expensive.

For me, it was more like extra lesson to learn Sushi and Japanese culture.

I can do this because I choose to learn Sushi in Japan.

Just Do It!

Maybe it is not easy to come to Japan and staying here in two month, especially if you are working now.

But if you are thinking to learn in TSA, just do it!

You can get a good experience here.

I am really enjoying the stay in Japan.

There are a lot of things you can learn from staying Japan because culture is part of the cuisine.