TSA is the 1st Sushi School for international students in Japan

More than 4,000 alumni found a new career in over 50 countries since 2002

You can gain deeper knowledge of authentic Way of sushi making and Japanese Cuisines

Courses in Tsukiji, Tokyo

6 weeks Total Course -Most Popular Course!-


Aug 17th Mon to Sep 25th Fri →Available

Sep 28th Mon to Nov 6th Fri →Available

Nov 9th Mon to Dec 18th Fri →Available

4 weeks Sushi Course


Aug 17th Mon to Sep 11th Fri →Available

Sep 28th Mon to Oct 23rd Fri →Available

Nov 9th Mon to Dec 4th Fri →Available

5days Sashimi Course


Sep 21st Mon to Sep 25th Fri→Available

Nov 2nd Mon to Nov 6th Fri →Available

Dec 14th Mon to Dec 18th Fri →Available

5days JP Cuisine Course


Sep 14th Mon to Sep 18th Fri→Available

Oct 26th Mon to Oct 30th Fri →Available

Dec 7th Mon to Dec 11th Fri →Available

10days International Sushi Chef Course


July 6th Mon to July 17th Fri→Available

English Speaking Instructors

Hiro Tsumoto (Mr.)

An instructor with a track record of over 15 years as a Sushi/Japanese chef in Las Vegas, USA, Chef Hiro Tsumoto joined the Tokyo Sushi Academy instructor team in 2016.

Hiro is an exceptional chef who also has experience in architectural design (including restaurant design). His motto is that creativity is essential in cooking,as elsewhere.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Life


Mr. Antonis Drakoularakos

Graduated in 2014

Mr. David Israelow

Graduated in 2017

Ms. Angie Lee

Graduated in 2018

Forbes had an interview of our graduate, opened Sushi Noz in Manhattan in 2018

Our graduate Mr. David Israelow joins the host Akiko Katayama on Radio Program to discuss his experience at the TSA

Accommodations in Tokyo

We do not have our own accommodation but we assist you to find accommodation!

(77,000JPY to 260,000JPY/month)

Serviced Private Apartment

5min to school

Private Studio Apartment

30min to school

Shared House

30min to school


Media listings

Since its foundation in 2002, Tokyo Sushi Academy has been attracting attention from both domestic and
international media as the first school to train sushi chefs in Japan and the only one that teaches sushi to
professional chefs in English

Introduction of TSA broadcasted by France24 /Acess Asia 2019

Introduction of TSA broadcasted by Reuters Japan/TRT World 2017