One day of the student….

Authentic Sushi Course is the two months class
which you can learn basic technique of Sushi.

How the students spend their time during the two months?

Let us introduce one day of Cedrik-san,
student of the Authentic Sushi Course,

started from 7th March 2016.


Cedrik Brocard, came from Tahiti. (Nationality: French)

Student of Authentic Sushi Course 7th era.

I am working as a yacht chef.

I started my career when I was sixteen,

have more than 20 year experience as a chef.

I wanted to learn real sushi in Japan, where the birthplace of sushi.

Since I like travelling and discovering the different countries,

I am planning to learn Indian food next year.

6:30AM Get up ~ Go to school

I get up around 6:30AM~7:00AM.

I take the subway to come to the school , it takes about 45mins from door to door.

Before going to school, I walk around the Tsukiji area to have  Ramen for breakfast.

I love Ramen in Japan!!

8:00AM Arriving at achool

“I arrive at school at 8:30AM .

The school is located in Tsukiji area, just nearby the Tsukiji fish market.

Most of the students love this location.

In the classroom,we greet  in Japanese.

OHAYOGOZAIMASU “( Good morning )

When I arrive at school,  I change my clothes, and set all the stuffs and the materials for the classes,

because the classes have already scheduled, we know what to do everyday.

After I chat with my mates or Senei (instructor)  ,I  have some coffee… relaxing time.

fish tsukiji

9:00AM~12:30PM Morning classes

The class begins at 9:00AM.

100mins per class, there is two classes( total 200mins) in the morning.

Usually we practice how to prepare fish in morning classes.

First, Sensei  shows us how to do it on the demo table,

after we do the same thing by ourselves.

If we need some help, Sensei comse to explain again.

We can learn not only HOW to do but also WHY we have to do it.

It is so logical that we can understand well.

12:30PM~1:20PM Lunch

After two classes in the morning, we have lunch time for about 50min.

“For lunch, I eat what I made in the class,

but sometimes I miss non-sushi lunch…

At such time,I cook pasta in the classroom with my mates!!


The afternoon class started.

Today’s class was Roll Sushi.

In two months, we learn not only Edomae Sushi such as Nigiri or Hosomaki

but also roll sushi.This is my Dragon Roll with avocado!! How is it?


 YES!! Finished!!

KIRITSU“(Stand Up) “REI“(Bow)

The class finish at 3:00PM.

After the classes, I spend most of my time to go out with friends;

go for a walk or go to restaurant, go to the market…

I don’t want to stay in my room to watching TV or reading books

because I’m in Tokyo!!

I want to enjoy as much as I can:)

7:00PM~8:00PM Dinner

I usually have Japanese food for dinner.

I love all Japanese food but I especially love eel and sea eel.

The other day, I went to the restaurant to have ell. It was really nice!!


I’m sleepy….

I usually go to bed around 12:00AM.

We have classes tomorrow too 🙂

This is  daily routine of Cedrik-san.

We found that he studies a lot of course but also enjoys his limited time in Tokyo.

Now, there are only 3 weeks left of the classes…

We hope that your life in Tokyo will be precious time 🙂