Mr. Michael Embuedo / Spain

Current Occupation / Sushi Chef
Graduation year / 2017

  • Q1. Please introduce yourself

  • Hello my name is Michael Embuedo

    I Live in Madrid, Spain.

  • Q2. Why you choose TSA to learn about Sushi?

  • I chose it because it’s one of the best Sushi School in Japan, which speaks English.

  • Q3. Where did you stay while you were in Tokyo?
  • I stayed in Akihabara.
    (Just 6 stations to get to Tsukiji!)
  • Q4. What was your favorite part of the course?
  • I think my favorite part of the course would be the anago (Conger Eel) course.
  • Q5. What was the most challenging part of the whole course?
  • Tamago, egg omelet.
  • Q6. Could you tell us about your sushi chef career story after you graduated our school?
  • After i graduated from Tokyo Sushi Academy,

    I applied to work at NOBU Ibiza Bay and I’m working there now.

  • Q7. Please leave a message for those who are interested in learning Sushi/Japanese cuisine at TSA
  • If you want to learn authentic sushi, then I recommend Tokyo Sushi Academy.