Mr. Gagan Sharma / New Delhi, India

Current Occupation / Business Person
Graduation year / 2017

  • Q1. Please introduce yourself

  • My name is GAGAN SHARMA, Age 42yrs, from INDIA.

    I come from a background of Home Furnishings Textile exports to various countries from India.

    I had no experience of being a professional chef of any cuisine.

    TSA was my first institution for learning the art.

  • Q2. Why you choose TSA to learn about Sushi?

  • While surfing through the internet, reading few blogs and after gathering the information about TSA, I was impressed by their professional approach, and friendly environment for the foreign students.

    The information left me in no doubt, but to join TSA.

  • Q3. Where did you stay while you were in Tokyo?
  • First month of my course, I stayed in accommodation offered by Sakura House, Monzen Nakacho.

    Second month I moved to Home Stay in Gotanda.

  • Q4. What was your favorite part of the course?
  • I loved each and every part of the whole course, favorite part was to learn to make the Sushi and Sashimi cuts.

  • Q5. What was the most challenging part of the whole course?
  • Without any previous experience of being a chef or in a professional kitchen, It was tough for me to learn almost everything, from the use of a knife to cut vegetables , but gradually and repeated practice, made me confident day by day. I must appreciate the patience of the Sensei, they were very helpful in each lesson.
  • Q6. Could you tell us about your sushi chef career story after you graduated our school?
  • I am still waiting for the breakthrough, things have not turned up positive for me as yet.

  • Q7. Please leave a message for those who are interested in learning Sushi/Japanese cuisine at TSA
  • 4 weeks of Sushi course and 4 weeks of Japanese cuisine course offered at TSA is the best course designed keeping the foreign students in mind.

    Especially for the students, who wish to make their career as a sushi chef in their respective countries.

    Although lot of practice and dedication is needed , but rest assured, you are in good hands for next 8 weeks.