Mr. David Israelow / New York, USA

Current Occupation / Chef
Graduation year / 2017

  • Q1. Please introduce yourself

  • I’m David Israelow, from New York City.

    I’ve spent the past several years travelling and cooking.

    Mostly in NYC, Colorado, Tokyo and India.

    I trained in classic French techniques at the International Culinary Center.

  • Q2. Why you choose TSA to learn about Sushi?

  • I have always been interested in Japanese cuisine and have spent significant time eating, cooking and studying Japanese food.

    I had been looking for an opportunity to immerse myself in a structured Japanese cooking program when I found out that TSA was offering an English class.

    I had heard of the TSA years earlier and knew of its good reputation.

  • Q3. Where did you stay while you were in Tokyo?
  • I had a friend working at Sakura House so he suggested one of their apartments that was nearby to the school and within my budget.

    I stayed there for two months, it was perfect.

  • Q4. What was your favorite part of the course?
  • It’s hard to say what my favorite part of the course was, there are a lot of things that stand out.

    One of them was breaking down fish.

    Our instructors provided such good demonstrations and assistance with fish and seafood.

    The quality of the ingredients was very high.

    We had amazing access to fish so it was a perfect opportunity to practice our skills.

  • Q5. What was the most challenging part of the whole course?
  • It is challenging to learn so much in a compressed time frame.

  • Q6. Could you tell us about your sushi chef career story after you graduated our school?
  • I graduated from the TSA 5 months ago (June 2017).

    After returning home, I began a farming apprenticeship in the Hudson Valley.

    I am spending time to learn about the ingredients and where they come from.

    I have continued cooking and studying Japanese cuisine and recently competed in the World Washoku Challenge.

    I will travel to Tokyo next year to continue in the competition.

  • Q7. Please leave a message for those who are interested in learning Sushi/Japanese cuisine at TSA
  • TSA is a great opportunity for learning about Sushi and to have an opportunity to hone your skills.

    The instructors are very professional and skillful.

    The facilities are well equipped and the location is perfect.