Is Sushi really healthy?

The word “Sushi” is now known as one of the most popular Japanese words in the world.

Also, thanks to the famous celebrities, Sushi is known as a healthy food.

But is that really true?

The calorie of Sushi is ・・・

Sushi is manly made from two parts, RiceSyari) and Fish (Neta).

The rice part of Sushi is almost the same for all kinds of Nigiri-Sushi . 

The wight is around 15-20g, and the calorie is about 30kcal.

So, if you eat 10 Nigiri-sushi, then the total intake calorie from rice will be around 300kcal.

But of course, you eat the Neta part with rice.

So the key to make Sushi healthy will be mainly depends on what you choose for the Neta.

Let me introduce some low calorie Neta.

・Tuna lean 50kcal

・Flatfish:47 kcal

Sayori46 kcal

Icefish46 kcal

Ark shell43 kcal

Scallops43 kcal

Deep-water shrimp45 kcal

・Raw Octopus40 kcal

So, if you choose those kind of Sushi, you can expect low calorie of intake from Sushi meal.

On the other hand, some Neta such as fatty tuna, yellow-tail, pickled mackerel,

salmon roe contain high calorie compared to other Neta.

From the above, you can assume that the calorie of one Nigiri-Sushi is around 70kcal ~120kcal.

The most common Nigiri-sushi Set for per person contains 10 sushi,

so the total calorie you can expect from one Sushi meal is 700kcal ~1200kcal.

Well, as you can see, actually Sushi is not so healthy food if you consider only about calorie.

But, then, why Sushi is said to be healthy food?

Is sushi really healthy?

The answer is YES.

Because even though the calorie is not so low,

Sushi tends not to be absorbed as a fat because of its characteristics.

For example, cold rice is less likely to be absorbed into body compared to warm rice .

This is because the Starch of the rice has a  nature to change to a component called resistant starch when it gets cold.

This resistant starch is believed to works as dietary fiber and help to clean up the Intestine.

The vinegar on the rice is also good for diet.

It helps to improve the circulation of the blood and so as the body.

Also, the oil from a fish is not so fatty compared  to that of meat.

Therefore, even though the calorie is not so low, still , we could say that Sushi is really a healthy food.

You can get three major nutrient at once just from a Sushi.

You can expect to ingest the three major nutrient, carbohydrate, Protein and lipid at once, only from a Sushi.

Carbohydrate from rice changes to the energy for your body and brain,

Protein and lipid from fish helps to keep your skin, hair, and other body parts well.

Sushi is a recommendable food for those on a diet.

As mentioned before, by the choice of Neta, Sushi could be a healthy meal and helps you to lose weight.

Furthermore, Sushi could solve a major problem which often happens when we start a diet.

when we try to lose weight, we often tend to lose the intake of neutrition too.

But we can expect to solve the problem because Sushi is nutritiously well-balanced food.

Well, if you are on a diet and looking for a meal which is healthy, nutritious, and tasty,

probably sushi is the meal you wanna choose.

(The calorie of Neta is from our internal investigation)