I want to be a chef!
Student interview Ms.Ha Tran

want to study traditional Sushi in a original country


My name is Ha Tran. I’m Vietnamese and now I’m living in Genova, in Italy because I got married to an Italian person.

I have graduated from a university in Vietnam as a business admin. I worked as an assistant CEO from Australia for almost eight years. And I trained myself definitely to cook, went to a field of cooking. I tried to find out what I thought to learn nowadays. And I chose to learn Sushi, because Sushi is really popular nowadays all over the world.

The reason why I met TSA, Tokyo Sushi Academy, was like a destiny.

There was a school in London, and there was a school even in Singapore, but I have chosen TSA in Japan, because I have told that if I want to learn really traditional sushi, I had to go to the original country.

So I choose TSA to study Sushi.

Sushi is very popular all over the world

There are a lot o f Sushi restaurants in Vietnam.

You can find many many Sushi restaurants by both Japanese chef and Vietnamese chef. But most of ones were opened by Japanese chef because many Japanese are working in Vietnam as you know, so they are always try to serve Sushi and Japanese cuisine. And we, Vietnamese do love Sushi.

In Genova, there are also a lot of Sushi restaurant, ran by Chinese, and also some Italian.there are many competitors. But if you can find your own way, create the own Sushi, the original Sushi, with the taste of the local’s, I think you can go forward with your restaurant. there are a variety of fish, there is also a big port, in Italy there.

Teachers are amazing

I have learned how to cook in Vietnam with like Vietnamese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and Korean cuisine. But Tokyo Sushi Academy is the first school I really enjoy studying.


Because all the Sensei (teachers) are great.  And they teach us all the technique in details. And it was important for us. Maybe  if you other chef, you easy way to know. But from the new comer like me, need more technique and more details that how to cut how to care of fish how to choose ingredient right way. This really important. And vI am really lucky that all the Sensei are great really great, amazing. And I could know a lot. Two months for me is not enough. But I can do almost everything what I wanted to do.  Before starting this course, I felt two months are really long. But thanks to Sensei, classmate and everyone, I want to study as long as possible.

want to be a chef !

I want to be a chef, in my own restaurant.

But firstly I try to find a job in Italy, in a restaurant, and I want to devote my life into the restaurant to introduce the real Sushi, with what I studied from sensei at Tokyo Sushi Academy, to introduce the real Sushi to the customers in Italy.

I will research the market what needs there are where I live. I want to create business by my own way. Of course I will pursuit sushi way.

For the future students

The most important thing is to be confident. All the teachers teach you techniques of making Japanese cuisine and sushi. And they are so kind althogh you are beginer. You just need practice and review. If you do that, you could do much better. Be confident and trust yourself.