Interview of our graduate on December 2018

Mr. Jonathan Krespil, who took our 4weeks sushi course in Autumn 2018, just came back to Caribbean island and we had an interview of him.

Q1. Please introduce yourself

I’m Jonathan Krespil, I’m a private chef in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, located in the Caribbean.

Q2. How did you find and why you choose TSA?

I found and researched TSA online and I chose it because of the reputation.

I also asked around the industry, I have Japanese friends who own sushi restaurants.

Q3. How was your class?

The class surpassed my expectations.  I learned even more than I expected to.

The teachers and administration were extremely organized and professional.

Q4. What was the most exciting menu/ingredient?

You may find it unusual but vegetable Nigiri sushi haha.

So many vegetarian and vegan clients in the world these days and it’s so beautiful and appealing.

Q5. What was the most difficult menu/ingredient?

For me it was anything that was still moving.

I understand this is considered a delicacy and is a testament of freshness but I’m an odd chef that doesn’t like to kill anything’s.

Q6. Where did you stay while attending school? How was your accommodation?

I stayed at the Somerset Ginza East.

It was a perfect and very close accommodation to the school.  The personnel were very foreigner friendly and very courteous.

Q7. Which restaurants in Tokyo do you recommend to our future students?

Jomon in Roppongi is a very fun place.

I loved Kaikaya by the sea in Shibuya, and 300 Bar Ginza is fun too.

Q8. Do you see any difference with your skill or technique after you graduated?

Absolutely.  I have already made sushi for 2 different clients.  I’ve been practicing every week making rice, sushi, rolls, nigiri and Tamagoyaki. My clients have been very pleased.

Q9. Any message to our future students

Have fun, sushi is taken seriously but you must find enjoyment in it and laugh whenever you can.

Life is too short!