Interview with our graduate on March 2019

Mr. Kyle Bentley, a chef for a cruise, took our 6 weeks course in spring 2019!

Q1. Please introduce yourself

My name is Kyle Bentley. I have worked in the culinary industry for over 12 years. I am from the United States but I have lived all over the world. My current job allows me to travel and experience classes such as the TSA.

Q2.  How did you find and why you choose TSA?

I have done some research online but it comes from word of mouth. I  have had a friend  who took this course one year or so ago.

Q3. How was your class?

The class was great. Sushi is not easy and the teachers did their best showcasing what is important and realizing everyone in the class are at different levels of skill.

Q4. What was the most exciting moment in our course?

The most exciting was breaking the fish down, any whole fish and making the rice.

Q5. What was the most challenging moment in our course?

The most difficult was making the sheets out of the daikon. Practice practice practice!

Q6. How was our instructors?

The instructors were great. Very educated, funny, understanding, and helpful.

Q7. Where did you stay while attending school? How was your accommodation?

We stayed at an airb&b in kanda area of Tokyo. Very clean and easy commute for us to class.

Q8. Which restaurants in Tokyo do you recommend to our future students?

It is difficult to say. Depends what money you want. Any restaurant you walk by will be pretty decent. The best thing is to eat each style of restaurant. Sushi, tonkatzu, ramen, curry, etc.

Q9.Do you see any difference with your skill or technique after you graduated?

I do see a difference in skill but it’s all about practice. I understand the technique and now it’s up to myself to improve.

Q10. Any comment to our future students.

Have fun, take notes, ask questions because they will help with your education of sushi and help with your general knowledge of Japanese culture.