Interview with our graduate on October 2018

Ms Angie Lee, who took our 6wks course in summer 2018, just came back to Tokyo for doing internship at a sushi restaurant here.

Q1. Please introduce yourself

Hi I am Angie Lee from US mainland.

Q2. When did you take course at TSA? and Why?

I took 6weeks Total Course from May 21st to June 29th 2018.

When I searched sushi school, Tokyo Sushi Academy was listed on the top of google, and checked their website.

Q3. How was your class?

I really enjoyed! I learned a lot from Sensei (Instructors) more than I thought,

how to filet fish from the scratch, slicing fish for sushi…and more. I had no-experience and had no idea on how to prepare fish before started the school.

Q4. What was the most exciting moment in our course?

Anago (conger eel) was the most exciting to me!

Q5. What was the most challenging moment in our course?

It was Anago (Conger eel)!

Q6. Where did you stay while attending school? How was your accommodation?

I stayed at Sommerset Ginza East (Serviced Apartment), just 3min walk to school. It was very clean. They have good amenities, and having English speaking concierge desk.

Q7. Please tell us your recommended restaurant or place in Tokyo

There are two restaurants I really liked, Hakkoku Sushi and Shima Steak restaurant.

Q10. What do you do after you graduated?

After I graduated, I traveled countries and now back to Tokyo for doing internship at a sushi restaurant.

Q10. What is your future plan?

I plan to open sushi restaurant in US or maybe in Busan, South Korea.

Q11. Any comment to our future students.

I think you will enjoy a lot at TSA, everyone is so friendly and Sensei try to do best to help you, and teach you what you don’t know yet!