Get sound advices from the sushi chef teachers (Authentic Sushi Chef Course Student interview)



We interviewed with Sunday diploma course student.


authentic sushi chef course

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Harue Suzuki, age 28.

After graduation from postgraduate college,
I worked as a system engineer for three and a half year.

However, I quit the job to make my dream come true.
When I visited Tsukiji fish market first time, I saw an array of fishes
and I was totally fascinated by them.
I couldn’t take my eyes off their delicate and beautiful patterns.

Working as an system engineer, I was always thinking of fishes.
To work beside fish, I decided to work in Tsukiji market.

Do you want to be a Sushi chef?

I want to brush up filleting skill so far,
rather than to be a Sushi chef.

The remains of fishes after filleting by teachers are so beautiful.
Actually I am creating art using parts of fishes.
I usually take pictures of whole fishes before filleting
and parts of them during filleting.
And print it , cut and combine them to complete my drawings.

As for my carrear, I don’t stick around to become a Sushi chef but want to be involved in
Japanese cuisine.

sushi art1

What is the merit of studying Sushi in Sushi school?

I can practice filleting under competent direction of teachers
much better than doing it by myself.
They always offer sound advices like “Be aware of XX”, “To fillet beautifully, care about XX.”
which is very helpful for me to brush up my skills.

Please give an advice for those who are thinking about entering Tokyo Sushi Academy.

If you are hesitating, just try to do it.
You may be waisting time if you are thinking about to do or not to do.
If you have even the slight interest in fish or Sushi,
I believe it will be alright once you decide to start it.

sushi art2