Funazush, the stinkiest Sushi in the world!

Since you are visitng our  web site, I am sure you know well about Sushi. But have you ever heard about the stinkiest sushi ?

The name is Funazushi ”鮒寿し.”

Actually, Funazushi (Funa-sushi) is not so famous even in Japan, especially among the younger generations.

Probably, there are only few children who know about Funazushi nowadays.

The living fossile of Sushi, Funazushi’s roots.

Funazushi is a very  historical Japanese food and also known as the origin of Sushi.

Funazushi is one of a type of *Narezushi and has a very long history.

Narezushi was born back in Nara Period, the time when the  rice cultivation

was introduced to japan from Thai and China.

Ancient Japanese made Funazushi  to preserve Fresh Funa,

which could be caught only in a shot period of a year.

*Narezushi(熟鮓)  is a fermented Sushi made from rice, salt and fresh fish.

Why Funazushi is sooooo stinky?

Funazushi is know as the stinkiest Sushi in the world.

However, the ingdadients are very simple, it is made only from Rice, Funa(Fish), and Salt.

Then, how could it be so  stinky?

That is because Funazushi is fermented!

Funazushi can be stored even more than 2 years as a preserving food.

The looks is like a very old fish surrounded by white melty thing(which is actually rice),

and the smell is like a rotted very old fish with strong vinegar.

So, If you are familiar with normal Sushi like Nigiri-zushi or Temaki-sushi,

you probably can not believe that Funazushi is actually categorized in Sushi.

Where can you taste Funazushi?

Funazushi can still be found in Shiga Prefecture, especially around Biwako lake area.

Since so many Funa has been caught in Biwako lake,

Funazushi is also known as the local food of Shiga prefecuture.

It used to be eaten as daily food or as a meal for the special ocaision, such as anniversary.

But nowadays, Funazushi is getting rare and that makes the price higher.

How to make Funazushi

  1. Get some fresh Funa and get ride of the gats and scales.Then wash out the blood well. Put some salt into gills and then put them neatly into Wooden-Oke and close it wih a stone as a lip.
  2. After three monthes, take out the funa from the Oke and wash away the salt from Funa. Then dry out in the shade for a day.
  3. Put some Shochu sake on your hands before you touch to the Funa.
  4. To encourage the fermentation, stuff some rice to the gills of Funa and put back the Funa into the Oke again.
  5. Cover the Funa with a lot of rice as a thick. On the “rice-lid”, put a stone as a drop lid on the top. In the last, leave it about 6 monthes.

Now ready to eat!

Take out the Funa from the Oke. Get rid of some rice from the Funa for your preference and …just enjoy!

Life will be better with the power of Funazushi!

Funazushi is a food you probably can not eat a lot at once.

However, even a small bit, you can expect high intake of neutrition. Actually, it has been used as Revitalizer and the people in the Biwako-lake area belive that taking Funazushi is good for cold, diarrhea or constipation and more.

In fact, Funazushi contains good quality of mineral, vitamin, calcium, and lactic acid bacteria. Those neutritoon are good not only for keeping you healthy but also clean and beautiful skin.

Funazushi is now getting the spot light after hundreds of years.

The taste of Funazushi is very strong. It is like well-formanted cheese with sour smell.

But recently, Funazushi  has been highly praised among other asian countries, such as Malaysia and Thai.

In response to this, Shiga Prefecture decided to promote the PR of Funazushi toward Asia and Europe area.

So, in the near future, if you see Funazushi in your country, you should try take a bite of it.

It is a Sushi worth trying, becuase if Funazushi( Narezushi) hadn’t been created, you were not enjoying Sushi in present day.

Talking about Fermented food, probably Natto is the most famous Japanese fermented food.

Actually, Natto is also known as a very nutritious food just like Funazushi and has been getting attention from other countries as an unique ultimate style of food. 

Those fermented food could be the next trend of Japanese food.

So you’d better keep your eyes on Funazushi!