Discussion with Taira Matsuki

After graduating Tokyo Sushi Academy,

Mr. Taira Matsuki opened the udon-noodle restaurant “UKIUKI” in Warsaw, Poland.

We held a discussion with him for TSA Students some days ago.

UKIUKI won the first prize in zomato (a buzz marketing site in Poland like trip adviser)

and now people make long queues to try udon-noodles.

We interviewed about his review of this one year after opening his restaurant.

Why can UKIUKI gain popularity?

I heard UKIUKI won popularity so much. Did you try anything special when opening it?

At first, I tried to serve tempura and udon-noodles separately,

because Polish tends to take a time to have a meal.

Served separately, they can be fully enjoyed during a meal that lasts a long time.

In addition, I focused on desserts. Matcha desserts after udon are quite popular especially among women.  

What is your mainstream customers?

A wide range of customers, especially couples for dating.

They think Japanese food is very stylish.

In addition, if men can use chopsticks well, women think them cool.

The important thing to open a restaurant is to know about the country’s custom and culture.

How to sell oneself to get a job?

Do you have any advises to find a job from an owner’s point of view?

Needless to say, to sell your skills is quite important.

I recommend everyone to make your own promotion video.

However, don’t forget one important thing.

That is to say, you need to think what you can do for the restaurant.

For example,

・What is lacking in the restaurant.

・How you can improve the restaurant.

・How much profits will be expected by improving.

You can sell yourself by appealing to owners.


Techniques come with later

What is important to work at foreign countries?

First of all, you need to acquire minimum language ability to communicate with people.  

In my case, I had no problem to speak English,

however, that was the first time to work in Poland.

It was necessary for me to communicate with kitchen staff in Polish.

That’s why, I attended a language school for two hours

from 8:30 in the morning and then went to work at my restaurant.

Now I can speak some Polish in my daily life.  

Techniques are of course important,

however, it is based on communication with people.

After you can be able to communicate with customers and staff,

techniques come with later.