4 weeks Sushi Course

You will learn from Japanese knife handling to raw fish preparation for sushi, from basic to deeper knowledge! Everything about sushi making!

3 advantages of this course

Basics to advanced techniques
You can acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge about sushi, including how to use a Japanese kitchen
knife, how to prepare rice for sushi (Shari), how to clean and cure fish, how to make Edomae style sushi, rolls
and food hygiene management.

A large variety of seafood
You will learn how to make sushi with more than 20 kinds of seafood: white, red, small, medium or large fish,
shellfish, squid or octopus. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp are popular overseas, but you will also deal
with basic fish for Edomae style sushi, such as Kohada (Gizzard shad) or Conger eel.

Techniques adjusted to each ingredient
Edomae style sushi preserves ancient wisdom of chefs in Tokyo (Edo), such as Kobu-jime and Su-jime
(Curing with kelp or vinegar) and Zuke (Marinating with soy sauce). Learning the basic techniques that bring
out the best taste of ingredients will broaden the possibility of your cooking.

What you will learn?


-How to sharpen knives
-How to cook sushi rice
-Sushi rice making
-How to cut vegetables
-How to make nigiri Sushi
-How to cut filet into slices
-Egg omelet Nigiri Sushi
-Hand roll practice
-Hosomaki practice
-Aji (Horse mackerel)
-Inada (Young Yellowtail)
-Ika (Squid)


-Ebi (Shrimp)
-Boiled and sweet shrimps
-Hokkigai (Surf clam)
-Akagai (Ark shell)
-Inada (Young yellowtail),
-Bamboo cutting
-Saba (Mackerel),
-Rod-shape/box sushi
-How to cook SHIITAKE mushroom
-Gari (pickled sliced ginger)
-How to make Ponzu Sauce
-How to cook Kampyo (dried gourd)
-Inari (fried tofu)
-Salmon filet
-Nigiri Sushi practice


-Anago (Conger eel)
-Broiled Anago Roll (California/Dragon/Volcano)
-Anago Tempura Roll (Tempura/Spider)
-Kohada (Gizzard shad)
-Tuna block
-Mirugai (White geoduck)
-Hotate (Scallop)
-Seasonal fishes (2 kinds)
-Nigiri practice


-Whole salmon
-Vegetable Sushi
-Live Octopus
-Seasonal Fish
-Kobu-jime (cured with kelp)
-Sushi Counter practice
-Hosomaki test
-Nigiri test

*The course contents may vary depending on the conditions.


  • Schedule for 2018/2019
  • 2018

    Nov 5th Mon to Nov 30th Fri


    Jan 7th Mon to Feb 1st Fri

    Feb 18th Mon to Mar 15th Fri

    Apr 1st Mon to Apr 26th Fri

    May 20th Mon to Jun 14th Fri

    Jul 1st Mon to Jul 26th Friday

  • Hours
  • Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm

    *Hours may change.

  • Level
  • Beginner – Intermediate
  • Content
  • Please see “What you will learn?”
  • Period
  • 4 weeks
  • Venue
  • Tsukiji/Tokyo

    *About 5 minute walk from the world-renowned Tsukiji fish market

  • Eligibility
  • -Applicants must be at least 18 years of age

    -No professional experience required

    -Applicants must be able to stay in Japan legally during the course period

  • Certificate Requirement
  • The certificate will be given to a student upon successfully completed the course with passing grade and more than 80% of the participation
  • School Fee
  • Contact us for details

  • Hours
  • Monday to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm

    *Hours may change.

  • Level
  • Beginner – Intermediate
  • Content
  • Please see “What you will learn?”