Foreign students tried to make sushi for the first time!

On July 1st, the classroom was very busy

because a trial lesson was held for 15 foreign students from Sophia University.

“Do you like sushi?” “Yes!” They answered.

However they have never made sushi by themselves.

How was the lesson going to be?  

At first, they learned how to shape sushi with vinegared rice wrapped with cling film.

We divided the procedure into seven steps so that it’s easy to understand for everyone.

After learning the procedures, what they need is to practice over and over again.

Make sure to keep the same quantity of vinegared rice

because a key of sushi is the balance between sushi topping and vinegared rice.

All of our students practice to remind themselves of being able to pick 15-17 grams of vinegared rice

at one time without a scale.

Ok, I’ll try. OMG! This is 25 grams… My one is 11 grams! Seeing is one thing and doing another…

During the lesson, foreign students asked some questions.

Why is gari (pickled ginger) always accompanied with sushi?

Is sushi shape always like a boat?

The form of traditional edomae-sushi has been like a boat

because their sushi has been mainly nigari (hand rolled)-sushi

while pressed-sushi and box-sushi were quite popular in Kansai area. >

The lecturer was so busy to answer those non-stop questions.

Done! They started taking photos with their own sushi.

“Oh, I wanna send the photos to my family♪”  “I wanna eat it now!”

When I saw everyone enjoy sushi so much,

I realized that sushi is now worldwide food.

Even Japanese people seldom “make sushi” by themselves

while we have many chances to eat sushi from childhood.

“I want to make brag of my sushi experience to my family and friends♪”

They said with a smile!

Well done!