Background of Japanese food growing in popularity

Have you ever tried Japanese cuisine and sushi?

As Japanese food and sushi can be eaten all over the world, they are getting popular.

These days you can find Japanese sushi chefs at those restaurants.

Why do so many Japanese sushi chefs move to work abroad?

Japanese restaurant increased
3.7 times in 9 years!

Now Japanese food attracts people in many countries.

Actually, the number of foreign Japanese restaurant is rapidly on the increase.

The report by the Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries of Japan says

Japanese restaurants increased 3.7 times in 9 years;

24,000 restaurants in 2006, 55,000 in 2013, and 89,000 in September 2015.

Why does Japanese food gain popularity all over the world?

At first, Japanese cuisine “WASHOKU” has been added to Unesco World Heritage.

We can say the registration of Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage List accelerates trend of Japanese cuisine.

Then, let’s look at the reasons in each region as follows.

  • Advanced nations ;U.S. and European countries

    Lifestyle-related disease caused by nutritional imbalance is increasing.

    That’s why well-balanced and nutritious Japanese food

    attracts people as “healthy food”.

  • Asian countries

    As tourists visiting Japan from Asian countries increased by raising their income

    and improving public transportation,they got more chances to try Japanese food.

  • South American countries

    As they are enhancing their health conscious,

    they gain interests in food life in Japan with long living people.

sushi nigiri

From pretended sushi to authentic sushi.

Japanese food are getting popular all over the world,

however, sushi served in many countries was mostly “pretended sushi”.

It is said that more than half of the Japanese restaurants in the world

are currently run by foreign owners.

Foreign chefs who have never eaten authentic sushi were serving it in their own way.   

As Japanese cuisine has been added to Intangible Cultural Heritage List

and the number of tourists is on the increase,

people gradually pay attention to authentic sushi and Japanese cuisine.  

Especially rich people want to eat “authentic” sushi at prestige restaurants,

so that “pretended sushi” no longer applies.

Therefore “authentic sushi chefs” are wanted by Japanese restaurants in the world.