Student interview : Mr. Nageeb Fayzian


Mr. Nageeb Fayzian

Graduate of Authentic Sushi Course 1st era.

He is a  manager of Asian takeaway shop in Switzerland,

such as Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and so on.

How was the life in Japan?

It was great.

I often want out to drink with friends till 2 o’clock or sometimes 4 o’clock!

But I was always on time to the school the next day

because I was so excited about what I was doing.

What are you going to do
after the graduation?

First of all, I will teach our staff the sushi technique

because nobody is professional.

And they have not time to come to this school to learn.

One day, I want to be like Sensei(=teacher) here

beacause they are really wonderful !!

This is my dream !