What is Sasagiri for?

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It may be a bit difficult to do it precisely and beautifully at first.

Anyway, what is sasagiri for?

Do you know it?

Wisdom from our ancestors

In Japan, we have a custom of wrapping food with leaves such as oak

for preservation from ancient times.

It is said that bamboo leaves (sasa) have been used from the period of “Narezushi (picked fish)”,

the origin of Edomae-zushi.

By placing bamboo leaves under sushi for pasteurization,

people tried to prevent sushi from rotting.

It has also the other important role.

Born in the late Edo period,Edomae nigari-zushi was commonly sold

at street stalls like today’s fast food shops.

After that, sushi restaurants emerged and they started sushi delivery.

Some restaurant arranged sasagiri put into delivery sushi depending on the customer’s family crest,

because relationship between sushi restaurant and their customers were said to be so strong at that time.

Thus, sasagiri garnished with sushi was getting popular and its techniques were being developed.    


The role has been changed

The role of sasagiri has been changed over time as refrigerators had been getting popular.

The important roles are not only to prevent sushi toppings next to each other

from mixing the tastes and to arrange the color with the deep green.

But also, it plays a visual role as high artistic ornaments.

Thus, sasagiri dressed on sushi is called “keshogiri” and it makes sushi splendid more.

Now there is a sasagiri competition as it requires high technique.