How to enjoy sushi with good manners
in a sushi restaurant

These days Japanese cuisine including sushi is getting popular worldwide

while foreign tourists are on the increase.

If you have never visited a sushi restaurant before, you may be at a loss.

Therefore, I will show you the following tips

that are sure to help you in sushi restaurants.

How to order sushi?

  • Okonomi, Okimari, Osusume (Omakase)

    There are some ways to order sushi.

    You can order a set menu “okimari” or also can order your choice of sushi “okonomi”.

    If you don’t know what you order, you can ask their recommendation of the day “osusume”.

  • Light Sushi→ Rich Sushi→ Sushi Rolls (Makimono)

    If you eat sushi with a rich flavor first, you would not be able to enjoy the one with a light taste afterwards.

    So, let’s try light sushi first such as sea bream or flounder.

    As makimono usually means the last bite to finish up the meal,

    you are recommended to order it in the final stage.

How to eat sushi?

  • Eat sushi right away

    When sushi is served, let’s eat it straight away

    instead of taking a beautiful photo.

    Sushi is the most tasty the moment it is made.

    Therefore, sushi should be eaten before getting dry.

  • Don’t remove the fish from the vinegared rice, shari.

    Sushi is not just a piece of sashimi with rice but a completed dish.

    Therefore, you must not break up sushi which was made by a sushi expert with great care.

    If you would like to eat sashimi, you can ask them so.    

  • Be careful of dipping sushi into soy sauce.

    When you eat sushi, you have to be careful of the way of dipping it into soy sauce.

    If you dip the rice side into soy sauce, the piece of sushi must fall apart.

    Tipping over it and dipping the topping side into a small amount of soy sauceis the best way to eat sushi.

When you leave

  • Do not overstay after finishing your meal.

    Leaving a sushi restaurant at the right time instead of staying lengthily is thought to be a good manner.

    You shouldn’t overstay after finishing your meal.

    One sushi meal generally takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.

    Enjoy your meal according to the atmosphere and the crowded conditions in the restaurants.

    You don’t need to tip in restaurants in Japan.

How was it?

In Japan, there are many types of sushi restaurants

from high-end restaurants to eating places such as conveyer belt sushi restaurants.

You will enjoy your meal and the atmosphere in various sushi restaurants.

Let’s enjoy “the authentic sushi” in Japan!