Dear all sushi and ramen lovers,

We are happy to announce you that Tokyo Sushi Academy will have one day ramen workshop in Nov 16th Saturday 2019!

■Time and Date

Nov 16th Saturday 10:00 to 15:00


Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsuikiji Branch

KY Bldg 2nd Floor 4-7-5 Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo


■Who will be an instructor?

Mr. Naoyuki Konishi / Ramen Support Center

Born in Tokyo in 1968, and became ramen-foodie when he was 20 y.o. Mr. Konishi started his ramen chef career in 30 y.o., and has devoted himself to a wide variety of positions like sales management, staff management, adversiting/PR, and new menu development besides ramen chef.

With his unique experience in ramen business industry, he is working as an advisor for food product company and as an instructor of ramen school for professional ramen chefs.

*Mr. Konishi speaks in Japanese and our assistant instructor translates into English.

■What you will learn?

<Demonstration by instructor>

〇 Elements of ramen

〇 How to make tonkotsu pork bone based soup

〇 How to make tare sauce based on Salt/Soy Sauce/Miso

〇 How to make ramen ingredients / Roasted pork, Seasoned boiled egg. Spicy miso

〇 How to make garlic flavored oil


〇 How to slice green onion

〇 How to boil noodle and drain hot water

〇 How to choose Donburi bowl

〇 How to make ramen presentation


Regular price: 33,000JPY

Discounted price for our graduates: 22,000JPY

■How to apply?

We will share reservation site when we fix our schedule!