There are various egg dishes such as…

Do you know onsen-tamago?

It is popular as toppings on rice bowls and salads.

As its rich egg sauce, it goes well with many dishes such as

curry, pasta, soba-noodles, and udon-noodles.

Also, onsen-tamago is quite common for breakfast at Japanese onsen inn.

Onsen-tamago is a chicken egg with soft-cooked egg yolk and egg white.

It is originally a boiled or steamed chicken egg using hot spring water or the steam from it.

It is called onsen-tamago regardless of how hard they are cooked.

Onsen-tamago has a feature of softer egg white than egg yolk.

We sometimes find onsen-tamato called Japanese poached egg in foreign Japanese restaurants.

Onsen-tamago is made by using the difference in the temperature of solidification between egg yolk (about 70°C) and egg white (80°C).

Soaking an egg into hot water at 65-68°C makes onsen-tamago after 30 minutes.

Salmonella cannot be alive over 70°C and die at 62-65°C within 30 minutes.

Therefore there is little dander of food poisoning due to onsen-tamago.

In Singapore, soft-boiled egg for kaya toast is quite popular.

The set menu of kaya toast comes with soft-boiled eggs and a kopi

(Singapore coffee with condensed milk) and people spread the eggs onto the kaya toast.

There days Japanese restaurant is on the increase in Singapore.

Not only sushi, but other Japanese food is also getting popular.

Various restaurants such as Japanese ramen, curry, udon-noodles, Japanese cafe,

western-style Japanese food, tempura, yakitori, yakiniku, izakaya, sukiyaki, seafood rice bowl,

and pufferfish restaurant emerged and some restaurant introduced the Japanese bar-style culture.

According to the increasing number of people who go on a trip to Japan,

Japanese food is more and more getting popular.

Thus, onsen-tamago can be eaten at many restaurants.

Now I would like to introduce “egg tempura”.

Such a runny food can be fried whole.

I heard it’s gradually attracting public attention in Japan from the year before last.  

You can eat it as it is. Or you can break egg yolk and enjoy it with rice and dashi-broth.