Private Lesson

One to One customized lessons

Feature 1

We can arrange the lesson to suit your needs.

We provide private sushi lessons for non-Japanese professional chefs, adjustable to suit your needs and circumstances.
Whatever your need Tokyo Sushi Academy can provide flexible training to help you achieve your dreams.

Let us know what you would like to master, your schedule plan and your interests.
So, we are arranging the lesson to suit your needs.

Feature 2

Students take this private lesson depending on their time schedule and various purposes.

Our graduates are working as full time chef for famous restaurants, hotels and restaurant owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in Sushi business.

They would like to learn authentic sushi in a Japanese environment during holidays or their bosses sent them to our school to add to their knowledge and skills.

Feature 3

Students come from around the world.

Students come to study at Tokyo Sushi Academy from all over the world;
Korea,Taiwan, Canada, USA, Israel, Italy, UK, Russia, Chez public, Netherland,Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, Australia,France, Germany and more.

Feature 4

Lectures are specialist of the sushi and teaching.

Our highly qualified sushi lecturers can open the door for you to embrace your enthusiasm and create a life experience like no other and a genuine making sushi skill you can take with you anywhere in the world.

If you would like to take full courses, please consider Authentic Sushi Chef Course

Sushi Private Lesson for PROS EXAMPLES

  • Lecture for the different kinds of rice and rice vinegars

    How to make rice seasoned with vinegar.
    (It’s called “Su-Meshi)

  • Sushi platter making (for beginner)

    slice for sushi practice
    nigiri practice
    thin roll practice
    gunkan nigiri practice
    bamboo leaves cutting
    sushi platter making
    Hand roll practice(Suehiro-temaki)

  • How to maintain Japanese knives and Basic fish preparation lesson (For beginner or For advanced)

    Amberjack cutting or other fish reparation

  • How to deal with Salmon and prepare lesson (For beginner or For advanced)

    Salmon is very popular “NETA” for sushi in overseas.
    The lesson emphasizes a special focus on Salmon.

  • Hoso-Maki(Stick(Thin) Roll Sushi), Futo-Maki(Thick Roll Sushi),California Roll

    Learn to make authentic Rolls & fusion Rolls.


“Thank you for such a great lesson. I will be back next time I have more vacation.”

Derem Allomes

“Amazing instructions! I enjoyed my 2days class very much. Thank you.”

Allan Scott

“ I learned a lot in just 7 days. It was an amazing experience.”

Ryan O’levnor

“I think it was very nice expericence and I recommend it to my professional friends.”

Robert Guillou

Lesson Fee Example

2 Days ( 3hours /per day, 1 person) – 80,000 Yen Depending on your request and the content of your special lessons.

Tuition is non-refundable for any reason. We don’t issue a certificate and any other documents for private lesson. Terms & Conditions can be changed without any notice.