Authentic SUSHI and Japanese cuisine course

New Authentic Sushi and Japanese Cuisine Course will be offered starting in Feb 2017!!
You can gain deeper knowledge of Authentic Way of sushi making and Japanese Cuisines.
Learn all the techniques for authentic Japanese sushi making in the 4 weeks Authentic SUSHI course,
then popular Japanese cuisine dishes known as “Washoku” now days
in the 4 weeks Authentic JAPANESE CUISINE Course.

  • Choose the Best course for your needs!

    You can choose to take 4 weeks Sushi Course or 4 weeks Japanese Cuisine Course.
    Certificate will be given to each course upon completion!

  • Total Course to master your both needs!

    Simply take both courses as 8 weeks Authentic Sushi and Japanese Cuisine Total Course to master your both needs!
    Great discount may apply for those taking both courses together!

  • Beginners welcome!

    Not only for professionals but beginners are also welcome
    to join these courses to start the new career!
    *Conditional acceptance may apply to particular course.

Authentic SUSHI 4 weeks Course

Learn all the techniques for authentic sushi making from the scratch!
You will learn from Japanese knife handling to raw fish preparation for sushi,
from basic to deeper knowledge! Everything about sushi making!

  • Curricurum

    ・Handling Japanese knife
    ・Nigiri sushi
    ・Rolls (Volcano/California/Dragon/spider)
    ・Special cutting technics
    ・Raw fish hygene…

    See more detail

  • Level

    Beginner – Professional

  • Schedule(2017)

    Feb 6th-Mar 3rd

    Apr 3rd-Apr 28th

    Aug 28th-Sep 22nd (tentative)


Learn popular Japanese cuisine dishes known as “Washoku” now days!
You will learn how to make Japanese soup stock to famous Tempura, Yakitori,
Thick Egg Roll or more and more!

  • Curricurum

    ・Knowledge of Umami Dashi・Shojin(Vegetarian cuisine)
    ・Deep insight of fish, vegetables…

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  • Level

    Beginner – Professional

    No professional experience required, but the course level is intermediate.
    *(For those who only enroll for this course) Non-professionals are required to take 3days pre class for Jps knife use and handling.
    Kindly inquire for 3days pre Jps knife class for those enrolling to 4-wks Japanese Cuisine Course ONLY with no professional experience.

  • Schedule(2016-2017)


    Mar 6th-Mar 31st

    May 8th-Jun 2nd

    Aug 28th-Sep 22nd (tentative)

    Oct 23rd-Nov17th  (tentative)

8 weeks Authentic SUSHI & JAPANESE CUISINE Total Course

This is the most popular course! You can master both of Authentic Sushi making and Japanese cuisine in this 8 weeks Total Course.
Great discount may apply for students taking this total course. Don’t miss it!!


Sushi Course

Contents are subject to change

  • 1st Week

    Sharpen Japanese knives
    Cook sushi rice
    Nigirisushi and edo style rolls
    Slice sashimi
    Vegetable cutting
    Horse mackerel
    Edo style omelette

  • 2nd Week

    Raw/boiled prawn
    Sweet shrimp
    Young yellow tail
    GARI (pickled sliced ginger)
    SASA-GIRI (bamboo leaf cutting)
    ANAGO (Conger eel)
  • 3rd Week

    Shiitake mushroom
    Ponzu sauce
    Dashi(fish soup stock)
    Cutting technics
    Whole fish sashimi preparation
    KANPYO (Dried gourd shavings)
    INARI (fried tofu)
    Chirashi (sashimi rice bowl)
    KOHADA (Gizzard shad)
    Plate Arrangement
  • 4th Week

    White geoduck
    Razor clam
    Vegetable sushi
    TAI (Red snapper)
    Cutting technics
    Seasonal fishes (2 kinds)
    Tuna block
    Counter practice

Japanese cuisine Course

Contents are subject to change

  • 1st Week

    Umami soup stock
    Chicken Stew with Vegetables
    Salmon filet
    Salmon & Avocado Rice Bowl
    Miso-marinated Salmon preparation
    Salmon dishes
    Stuffed Squid
    Red snapper(whole fish sashimi)
    Eggplant & Shrimp
    Shabu Shabu
    SOUMEN (Thin Noodle)
  • 2nd Week

    Steamed Rice with Vegetables
    Tofu dishes
    Clam in Clear Soup
    Steamed Little Neck Clam
    Fried Pork Cutlets
    Turban Shell
    Grilled Scallop
    Sesame sauce
  • 3rd Week

    Cooked Daikon
    Starchy Sauce
    Stuffed Turnip
  • 4th Week

    Shojin(Vegetarian cuisine)
    Cooking contest

Graduates’ voice


I wanted to learn real Japanese cuisine technique in its birth place, Japan.

And I didn’t want to learn from a cooking school for tourists. read more


I am a  manager of Asian takeaway shop in Switzerland, such as Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese and so on.

I will teach our staff the sushi technique because nobody is professional.

read more

Sabrina Feigenblum / FRA

I chose this school because I can learn Sushi by Japanese instructor. After I visited Sushi restaurant in Japan,  I realized Sushi which I ate in Europe is not authentic.

Watch her interview movie

Jose Koganei / MEX

I needed to learn many things and practice hard everyday, it was not easy. But teachers always supported and encouraged us.

Watch his interview movie