If you want to be the PROFESSIONAL SUSHI CHEF, you should learn in JAPAN!

We have the sushi making courses for pro and fun.

Sushi Private Lesson for PROs

(No time, but learn high technic skills )
Join our tailor made Sushi & Japanese cuisine lessons when your time is limited! Just only for you.

Sushi Private Lesson for FUN

This is just for fun! Enjoy tailor made culinary lessons & cultural experience.
Real “Sushi” lesson in Japan!

What our students say about us

“Thank you very much for a fantastic in depth course! I can now make oishii sashimi at home. Brilliant!”

Penelope BaileyAuthentic Sushi Chef Course

“Thank you for such a great lesson. I will be back next time I have more vacation.”

Derem AllomesPrivate Lesson for PROs

“It was amazing. The chef and translator were fantastic. I could really improve my technique. Thank you.”

Mavnie BrownAuthentic Sushi Chef Course

“Amazing instructions! I enjoyed my 2days class very much. Thank you.”

Allan ScottPrivate Lesson for PROs

“ I learned a lot in just 7 days. It was an amazing experience.”

Ryan O’levnorPrivate Lesson for PROs

“I had a great time during the lesson. It’s very interesting and a lot of excitements to see how the teacher teach us how to prepare the fish and ended up a piece of art on the plate. I would love to come back again and also recommend my friends who are interested in cooking.”

Chua Pei LingPrivate Lesson for FUN

“I think it was very nice expericence and I recommend it to my professional friends.”

Robert GuillouPrivate Lesson for PROs